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Enclose your Alfresco with Security Screens!

Australia's are known for their love of the outdoors, and having an alfresco, patio or deck in your home is simply a non-negotiable. Apart from security, along with our outdoor spaces come the battle with mozzies, moths and bugs. Don't get me started on summer's no.1 nemeses, fondly known as Christmas Beetle! Security Screens Qld Brisbane has the perfect solution for Queenslanders.

We recently completed a full house installation of security screens for a customer located in Bridgeman Downs. The installation consisted of Stainless Steel security screens for all windows and doors, as well as converting an ordinary open alfresco into a fully enclosed space with bi-folds and stacker doors.

The customer is alway right

This home owner had a large l-shaped alfresco in their beautiful home. They had built a second outdoor kitchen for family gatherings and entertaining. It was outdoor living to it's fullest. Their concern was security of their belongings in their fully stocked outdoor kitchen as well as protection against our Aussie nasties, mosquitos we are looking at you!

Security Screens Qld Brisbane was happy to provide a solution and design to enclose the space with a combination of Security Screens.

Enclosure made from Security Screens

This space had no existing frames or spaces to install the screens into, which meant Security Screens Qld Brisbane designed and custom installed the surrounds to fit. Security Screens Qld Brisbane specialise in design and custom builds and are known for our can-do attitude.

Stacker Security Screen Doors

For the sliding doors, we installed a 3 stacker door system opening to the left of the column and another 3 stacker door system opening to the right. All made from Stainless Steel Security Screens.

The 3 stacker door security screen system consisted of one fixed panel and 2 stacking door panels. This meant that when opened fully, the screens would all sit on top of each other to allow for maximum opening but also easy access.

Bi-Fold Security Screen Doors

This side of the space lead into the corner part of the Alfresco, so we wanted to make sure that maximum opening space was used here. The bi-fold door is perfect when you want to tuck away as much of the security screen as possible.

The tracks for the bottom part of this bi-fold system were recessed into the concrete to avoid trip hazards but also to keep the space seamless. The top and side track hold the screens and locks securely in place.

The Products we used.

Prowler Proof Forcefield Security Screens where used for this alfresco enclosure installation which is a stainless steel security screen system with 316 marine grade mesh.

Prowler Proof security doors and security window screens are the only security screens in Australia with sleek welded corners, and when partnered with our unique Hidden Installation Technology (H.I.T.), you get not only the strongest performing, but also the best looking security screens available.

You can view our range of Prowler Proof products on our Security Screens Qld Brisbane website. We offer free measure and quotes, book yours today!

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